BIRDS OF A FEATHER is a wellness collective created to encourage mindful living.  Leveraging many moons of strategic marketing expertise and a passion for all things Wellness, we work with brands and practitioners in this meaningful space to inspire, elevate awareness, connect with key partners & media and create community with mindful, passionate humans.  In addition to our full suite of marketing services, our unique curated experiences and retreats merge ancient and modern wellness practices while addressing the need to go inward and align.

Birds Of A Feather was founded by Candice Yusim Maskell and Julie Hovsepian, former executives from the Music, Entertainment and Tech industries with expertise in marketing Fortune 500 brands & world-renowned recording artists. Greatly influenced by the positive impact yoga, meditation and and overall wellness has had on their lives, they created a platform to share the important practices they so deeply believe in with others. In January 2016, Julie spread her wings to create In A Golden State, while Candice continues to lead our flock.  Since inception, Birds Of A Feather continues to soar and collaborate globally with top wellness brands, influencers and thought leaders in the space.  


Candice Yusim Maskell, a brand marketing and communications veteran adept at building and promoting multi-platform programs, launches, and events.  She is recognized for her strategic expertise in marketing, PR, social and digital campaigns for Fortune 500 and start up mindfulness, health & wellness, lifestyle, music, entertainment and technology companies. Driven by a passion for conscious living, yoga and meditation she has built and executed countless programs for leading brands including lululemon Athletica, Samsung, Motorola, Verizon, Disney, ABC, MTV and more.   An advocate for her own well being, Candice is committed to the art of self-exploration and helping others access the practices necessary to create balance in mind, body and spirit while living in a modern world.  A native Angeleno, Candice holds a BA in English from the University of California, Berkeley, has been fortunate to see much of this beautiful world and calls Los Angeles home with her husband Tim and baby girl Chloe Lennon.